Standard Response Update

As a wee update to a recent post, I received some communication from Standard Life in response to my concerns that they might be upping and offing in the event of a Yes vote.  Obviously as you get older thoughts about your pension come into your mind more often.

When I get older losing my hair
(Not too :( )Many years from now
Will you still be sending me a yearly line
Share plan, pension – both doing fine?
If it’s a Yes on September 18
Will you be out the door?
Will you still be here, or will you have left here
When I’m sixty-four?


Actually that doesn’t make much sense given that 64 isn’t even the state pension age but nothing really fitted the tune of  ”We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.”  Of course if we stay in the Yookay then there’s not much chance of the retirement age becoming 64 any time soon either.  Work till you drop more like, or to continue with the Beatles theme – Eight Days a Week.

Let’s just hope that the Tories (any colour) don’t get hold of the stat that the average human body contains as much energy in fat as a one-ton battery.  As soon as we’ve outlived our useful working life they’d stack us up in banks and give us double rations of deep-fried Mars bars.  Got to keep these lights on down south somehow.  I’m digressing though.  The Standard Life email…

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me last Wednesday. I am sure you will have seen the media coverage over the last few days about the statement we have made on our position in relation to the Scottish constitutional debate.

To clarify our position, Standard Life currently has no plans to relocate or transfer parts of our operations out of Scotland. What we have announced are precautionary measures to ensure we can provide continuity and protect the interests of our customers, wherever they live in the UK (and around the world), in the event of Scotland becoming independent.

We have no desire to move any aspect of our operations unless absolutely necessary. We have been based in Scotland for 189 years. We are proud of our Scottish heritage and believe that Scotland is a good place from which to run our business and compete around the world. We very much hope this can continue.

Standard Life is strictly non-political and will not seek to influence people on how they should vote. However, we have a duty and a responsibility to understand the implications of independence for our four million UK customers, our shareholders, our people and other stakeholders in our business. We will take whatever action is necessary to protect their interests.

Interesting.  Lots of wriggle room in there.  Of course if you listen to the MSM all the big companies are at it at the moment.  I’ve just heard Sally Magnusson on Distorting Scotland actually ask Douglas Fraser, “So what’s driving all this?”  You lot, my dear.

For example, “Corporate giants have doubts over Scotland future” trumpeted today’s Hootsmon in their headline.  In the actual copy they continued: “Barclays said that the independence vote, as well as the expected UK-wide referendum on membership of the EU, introduced potentially significant new uncertainties and instability in financial markets.”

So, the EU referendum is actually causing these firms equal anxiety?  You wouldn’t think so from the headlines would you?  So can we expect all these companies to get fully behind a Yes vote if UKIP sweeps the boards at the forthcoming EU election making an England-led withdrawal more likely?  And if they did would we even get to hear about it?

When the “we cannaes” get started on their “talk Scotland down” campaign it’s certainly hard to just Let It Be.  Are we really as wee, poor and stupid as they’d like us to believe?  After a Yes, with the talent and expertise of our people, whatever challenges materialise in our quest to build a fairer, more enterprising and socially just society, there’s no doubt in my mind that We Can Work It Out.

A Cybernat

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9 Responses to Standard Response Update

  1. Davy says:

    Its amazing what you can get used to, even the daily shit bombs from the BBC and the rest of the MSM really has no effect anymore. And we would have to be really desperate to worry about anything Danny Alexander spouts out as it doesn’t seem to last by the end of his speech, eg “pensions bad” oh no the cross border restrictions are being lifted, bugger.

    My wife even commented today after watching the latest scare story from shell, “well after independence their all welcome to bugger off, weel still hae the oil” and we can nationalize it.

    I do hope all these scottish unionist nay-sayers D Alexander & Co realise that we are not going to forget all the backstabbing of Scotland and its people that they have done, I for one do not want any of those bastards near anything to do with the negociations for Scotlands independence after our YES vote on Sep 18th. The very idea of them being involved would taint our whole country, they made their bed they can lie in it, and I’m sure the job centre will find them something to do for nothing, maybe a visit or two to a foodbank because they actually require it, will focus their minds on how they used to look down on Scotland.

    Keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      Cheers, Davy.

      Agree 100% that anyone that’s proven they can be bought and sold for English gold shouldn’t be allowed within a light year of any negotiations. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can throw them.

      On a positive note, a good friend of mine was at the event in Edinburgh the other night and was transformed from a Don’t Know to a Yes. She does want to attend a similar No event though just to get the other viewpoint. I wished her good luck in her search for one! She could always just watch Distorting Scotland of course.


      • Davy says:

        That is good news Dave, I had the same last week a workmate who was a “don’t care” is now a definate YES.

        We just keep on working at it. Cheers.

  2. Helena Brown says:

    Hi, just to warn you that you will be contacting more companies with regard to their supposed desertion of Scotland. Apparently they are all leaving if we vote YES. I have to say many will not be missed, trouble is they never leave. Standard Life was off circa 1992 and has anyone seen them go?

    • admin says:

      They can leave if they want to. As long as our people decide they won’t get another penny and instead transfer their custom to firms that have kept faith with us. That’s all it’d take. :)


      • Helena Brown says:

        Indeed, I have no problem with that, no money invested in any of them thank goodness. Though money is in National Savings which will be coming out September. Rates are rotten every where.
        Bosses of most of these firms are not our friends anyway. Newsnet has documentation on them.

        • admin says:

          That’s an excellent article on Newsnet today. You’ve got to wonder that if they can do it with their resources than why can’t the “Scottish” MSM? Our media are a disgrace and I hope it’s not forgotten whatever the outcome.


  3. Angry Weegie says:

    Sorry about the late entry into your song contest, but how about:

    If it’s a YES on September 18
    Will you just up sticks
    Will you still be here or will you have left here
    When I’m sixty six

    Perhaps more in keeping with UK Government plans.

    • admin says:


      If it’s a YES on September 18
      Are you through that border gate
      Will you still be here or will you have left here
      When I’m sixty-eight?

      Maybe we could crowdfund this one all the way to Number 1. :)


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