Would They Healey Lie To Us?

I’m old enough to remember Denis Healey quite well.  We didn’t go to school together or anything like that, but I remember him practically single-handedly keeping 70′s impressionist Mike Yarwood in a job with sketches featuring the catchphrase “What a silly billy he is.”  I can recall him looking not so much of a silly billy as more of a complete and utter arse healeyone time when being interviewed on the telly, droning on about the evils of private medicine and how wrong it was that preferential treatment should go to anyone based on their ability to pay.  With spectacularly bad timing he chose to do this just when his own wife was undergoing treatment at a private hospital which was naturally pounced on.

Healey decided this would be a good time to terminate the interview, storming off with his microphone wire still attached and nearly dragging the desk with him.  Proof indeed that champagne socialism was pretty rife back then too.  Do as I say, not as I do.

“So the triple MMR vaccine is perfectly safe, Mr Blair?”

“Yes perfectly and I’d urge all parents to have their children vaccinated in this manner.”

“So has your son Leo been given the triple jab?”

“I’m not going to put my son in the public eye like that even if every time I leave Number 10 and there’s photographers around, I make sure I’m the one seen carrying him…”

Politicians lie or at least embellish the truth.  It’s a fact of life.  However, the revelation from the now Lord Healey that his government had outright lied over the value of oil in Scottish waters back in the 70′s should surely have been a game-changer in the referendum campaign.  You’d have expected days of outraged headlines in the press and leading items on the Scottish news bulletins.  You’d have been sorely disappointed though.

darlingLying about Scotland’s oil wealth?  What is it about Liebour ex-Chancellors with ridiculous eyebrows?  They were lying then and they’re lying now.

In a week where the Treasury issued one scare story after another it surely wasn’t unrealistic to expect some presenter to pass comment that after Lord Healey’s cataclysmic statement why should Scots in 2013 believe anything that originated from that institution?  Maybe one could even have brandished a paper with the words “Top Secret” stamped on it, sort of like they did when smothering the GERS report that showed Scotland in a better financial position than the rest of the UK with some mythical story about a forthcoming 28 billion black hole in our finances.  The fact that an already bust Westminster would surely love to rid itself of this soon-to-be economic basket case and yet shows no desire to do so is a real puzzler and didn’t come in for any in-depth analysis at the time of course.

This week we’ve had nonsense about not being able to cover savers’ deposits, nobody getting a pension and Scotland not being able to bail out its banks in the event of a financial meltdown (yes, yet again).  This last one was presented with absolutely no sense of irony around the same time it was announced that the banks would up and relocate south of the border if we dared to become like a normal country.  So what’s the problem then?  They can collapse if they like as we’ll all just be keeping our cash under the mattress.

eddie1Mags Curran ventured out into the sunlight to add her tuppence worth the other day as well.  Is it October 31st already?  Whatever happened to summer?  Oor Mags isn’t upset by the lie, more the way the lie was presented.  She also doesn’t want her son, who lives down south, to become a foreigner.  Most of us have family who live abroad and that’s how we think of them – family who live abroad, my auntie in Canada, the wife’s cousin in Australia, etc.  The very idea that they’ll somehow grow cloven hooves and a tail after a Yes vote is repulsive in the extreme and should’ve been challenged by the reporter charged with the responsibility of listening to that drivel.  I’m pretty sure some muppet who considers people from other countries worthy of his contempt was quite rightly chased out of Scotland just the other week.  “So what’s wrong with being foreign exactly, Mrs Curran?”  You’ll wait a long time before our beloved media put any of that lot on the spot.

I wish North Korea would send representatives across to oversee this referendum campaign and ensure it’s carried out fairly.  Can there be another nation on the planet whose own media fall over themselves to tell their people that they’re inferior to every other country out there that runs their own affairs?  Everywhere else people are taught to be proud of their country, its achievements and what it’s capable of.  Not here in North Britain though.  We need to send all our resources elsewhere, be given pocket money back and informed that we’re subsidy junkies into the bargain.

What’ll we do when the oil runs out?  Well it’ll run out one day so it’s time we used it for our own benefit rather than watching Westminster p*ss it up against a wall.  What are their plans for when the North Sea revenues are finished and why does nobody ever ask them?  I suppose by that time the tapping of the reserves in the Atlantic and our renewables will be well underway, all for somebody else’s benefit of course.  While we’re at it why don’t we build pipelines through our best scenery to send the fresh water from our lochs down south?  It’s a UK resource after all – we can’t keep it all to ourselves.  Plenty of spare land too so why not send us the overspill from your cities?  We wouldn’t want to be thought of as selfish.  Mugs maybe – we don’t seem to mind that at all.  :(

A Cybernat

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20 Responses to Would They Healey Lie To Us?

  1. Arbroath 1320 says:

    I’m going to make a wild stab in the dark here and dare to suggest that the Healey “exclusive” about his “mob” lying about Scotland’s oil wealth is just the latest Bitter Together scaremongering story. Liar

  2. Boorach says:

    Firstly Dave, I’d like to congratulate you on finding the only genuinely unretouched studio portrait of our dear Mags. Tired

    Rumour has it that all potential SLAB candidates have to pass polygraph tests as part of their selection. Only those who can beat the machine into submission are selected for office. This trio passed with with distinction and are reputedly ably to lie even without moving their lips! Angry

    (Steady on with these big numbers, I’m just about out of fingers trying to work them out!)

    • admin says:

      Hopefully the Mags pic didn’t scare you too much. ;)

      Looks like old Denis could even have given Tory Bliar a run for his money. Their party has never known the meaning of integrity and still the “Scottish” press fawn over them. :(


  3. Stevie Mach says:

    It’s a damning indictment of Westminster politics that not only is there little fuss raised over a lying politician, more a quiet shake of the head in contempteous acceptance that it is the done thing, and if it is the government that does it, well, that’s all right, it is only voters being deceived after all! The sooner we escape this Westminster cabal of liars and self-serving cheats the better.

    I only hope when we gain independence that we can enshrine laws in the constitution that absolutely holds the truth above all else and there will no get-out clause of any kind for liars and cheats in a Scottish parliament.

    I am not a lawyer, but I wonder if there would be any legal way for an independent Scotland to seek recompense through international law once it had been proven it’s people had been lied to for generations?

    (note to self: check out ‘no win, no fee’ section in yellow pages!) Pondering

  4. Arbroath1320 says:

    Just in case you haven’t seen this. Apparently the legal precedent has already been set, thanks Serbia Montenegro. Overjoy


    • admin says:

      I’m amazed this has actually been published anywhere. Anyway it’s not true – everyone knows we’d get all of the debt, none of the assets, be kicked out of the EU, etc. and become international pariahs. I wonder if this’ll be on Reporting Scotland? What am I talking about…


      • Arbroath1320 says:

        Ach you’re probably right, what was I thinking about posting that link. Thinking

        If I remember correctly the story got a whole ZERO seconds coverage when it came out in the Sun the other week. Hope someone will be be able to tell me why I’m NOT surprised! Ssshh

        • admin says:

          Well there you go – that was from 2 weeks ago and I actually thought it was a new bombshell article from this morning! I never bothered to check the date.

          “Well we would’ve covered it but other events have since overtaken it,” lied a UBC spokesman…


        • Boorach says:

          o/t Arbroath I notice Tris has been asking after you over at Munguins. Said you had been poorly so hope all is ok now, it’s good to see you back.

          If you go that way you could perhaps let Tris know that I haven’t been able to comment on that site since the changes have been made, thanks

          • Arbroath1320 says:

            I’m fine thanks. Igo through periods where I don’t feel up to blogging or whatever. I have been on Twitter on and off but even that was an effort. I’m now coming out the other side, again, so will get back into putting up posts again. You have been warned! Wink

          • Arbroath1320 says:

            Tris has taken off the code thingy that he had put on his site, hope you can get back to putting up your posts now! Happy-Grin

  5. Tris says:

    Excellent article .

    I think I’d rather chew my foot off than believe what any of them say.

    They are only interested in themselves, time and again their attitudes have shown.

    Boorach: I’ve removed the codes I put on to try to stop of 40 or so spam messages per day. I hope you can get back into Munguin’s Republic now. :) And sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Boorach says:

    Dave, my apologies for turning your site into some sort of communication centre. Won’t happen again (well, at least till the next time) I promise you. THANK-YOU

    • admin says:

      No probs, Bill. I should’ve installed a chat script for you so it’s my fault when you think about it. (That’s what years of getting blamed for everything at home does for you!) ;)


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