That seems an appropriate title for this post given the 5th of November is almost upon us.  I have many memories from bairnhood of trekking round the doors with my pals collecting old wood and furniture for the annual bonfire, blissfully unaware that the Treaty that would unite the Scottish and English Parliaments was still some 100 years in the future when Guy Fawkes was at large doing his thing.  Isn’t it strange that it was taught to us as being part of OUR country’s history in the school curriculum?

Anyway we can surely expect some major fireworks as the MSM erupt like a set of Roman candles with the news that Labour up here have been told that their position is now to back keeping weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde, flying in the face of overwhelming Scottish public opinion.  Especially if there are one or two resignations from the party as a result.  We can, can’t we?  Or will we see them spinning faster than Cotton Jenny with the already-discredited tales of how many jobs will be lost were we to remove these obscene items from our waters?  Maybe we should run a sweepstake.  The real figure is around 500 which could be more than compensated for with proper economic regeneration of the area by doing something radical like investing the cash we’ll save by not squandering it on things we’ll never use.  However, by the time Jackie Baillie gets the press releases out to Labour’s puppets, I’ll be surprised if it’s less than 30,000.

It just looks to me like Ed Miliband is trying to appease the voters in Middle England by going along with the mythology that GB plc is still a global superpower so of course we should have the capability to kill millions at one fell swoop.  And if there’s any danger from storing them, well they’re far enough away up in Jockoland, what?  Hopefully the prevailing winds will keep any fallout off the grouse moors as well.  It’s to the Labour Party in Scotland’s (I refuse to call them Scottish Labour – no such thing) eternal shame that they’re going along with this disgusting waste of taxpayers’ money when there are as many other problems to be tackled.  No wonder we can’t get something for nothing eh, Johann?  We need all our cash to keep your leader’s ambitions of poncing around on the world stage alive.  That’s really what it’s all about – being allowed to play with the big boys.  The sun never sets, wider still and wider…zzzz……………

No doubt everyone has seen the unwelcome intervention in the Washington Post on the Scottish independence debate:

“An independent Scotland would significantly weaken the foremost military and diplomatic ally of the United States, while creating another European mini-state unable to contribute meaningfully to global security.”

Strange comment.  A mini-state that causes significant weakening?  Aye – that one makes perfect sense.  I wonder how other European mini-states contributed in the recent Libyan conflict?  Oh that’s right, the Danish and Norwegian Air Force bombed nearly 20% of the targets between them.

“Scottish leader Alex Salmond, who on Oct. 15 sealed an agreement with British Prime Minister David Cameron to hold a referendum on Scottish independence by the end of 2014, says his would-be country would withdraw from NATO, expel British nuclear submarines from its waters and keep an army of 8,000-10,000 soldiers.”

Withdraw from Nato?  Maybe best doing some basic research first given the recent vote in the SNP conference.  “Democracy” it’s called - the type of thing you blast the living sh*t out of sovereign countries trying to impose on them.  As for “would-be country”, seldom have I read something that’s put my back up as much!  Some of the world’s finest minds were being broadened in our four universities around the same time that the early pioneers were getting tomahawks rammed up their jacksies.  Still, I actually love old Uncle Sam and am engaged to an American gal so won’t let the ignorance of some of their press colour (color?) my views.

Never mind all that.  Did anyone see the recent interview in the Northbriton with ex-St Mirren, Liverpool and Celtic star Frank McGarvey?  An intelligent thinker, good old Frank is a staunch believer in Scottish independence, saying that total self-determination is definitely the way to go for our country.  Yes Scotland should be contacting people like this and having them talk to their communities where their opinions are more likely to be listened to than those of a politician.  Now working as a joiner, Frank wood definitely be an asset to the Yes campaign.  He’d be able to nail all the arguments and hammer home the points.  Welcome a-board, Frank.

He also said that Craig Levein should be given more time in the Scotland job.  Poor old guy – there’s his mind wandering again.  Must’ve heidered too mony leather fitbas…

A Cybernat

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11 Responses to Fireworks

  1. clochoderic says:

    Mc Garvey is still a legend in Paisley, he would make a good speaker for the Yes campaign there if it ever happens.
    As for Craig Levein – jist gonnae no!

  2. Arbroath1320 says:

    Very interesting article in the Washington Post I thought……….NOT!

    I think it was patently obvious by reading the article that the annoymous writer, too spineless to even put his/her name to the article, had NEVER left the local bar in London where they had garnered all the evidence they needed for the article from the local Daily Mail hack.

    As far as Lamont’s latest U – turn is concerned, I don’t think, deep down, any of us are really that surprised about Lamont backing Trident. In my view her silence spoke volumes.

    No matter who you listened to or what you read on the matter of Trident every one was saying the same thing, Scotland does not want Trident. As we all know THIS has always been a central theme to the S.N.P. However, Labour have NO central theme bar one….oppose the S.N.P. therefore whatever the S.N.P. stand for you can bet your bottom dollar ( see what I did there Dave :D ) that Labour will oppose it no matter how unpopular this stance is. Labour don’t care about right or wrong just so long as they oppose the S.N.P.

    I reckon this backing of Trident along with that other great Lamont wheeze, opposing universality, will result in even more of the Scottish electorate waking up and realising what Labour/Better Together are offering and begin to openly side with the YES campaign.

    • admin says:

      Aye – saw what you did. Any more attempts to outgag me will result in your posts being yank-ed. :)

      Let’s hope the electorate wake up fast. These polls are stubbornly refusing to move the right way. :(


  3. Caadfael says:

    Her latest bog-up must be worth at least another 1000 YES votes!
    Aided and abetted by Jackie the Hutt the rats must be leaving the SLAB ship at such a rate that their ship is almost not going to sink!

    • admin says:

      There are so many things to write about the blessed Jackie but I’m always worried about being sued. It’s so hard not to mock!


  4. Hen Broon says:

    “An independent Scotland would significantly weaken the foremost military and diplomatic ally of the United States, while creating another European mini-state unable to contribute meaningfully to global security.”

    What sneering condescension these neocons direct at the smaller independent countries of Europe whose contribution to NATO and the Libyan conflict was well in excess of their size per capita. The F16s of Norway and Denmark performed as well, and in some cases with greater accuracy than the much vaunted super power UK. To sneeringly suggest that these countries are insignificant is a tremendous insult and adds yet more fuel to the fire of anti American and yes anti UK sentiment felt in Europe. It is precisely this brash arrogance and stomping bellicose behavior that has seen Scotland turn our backs on the UK, as we seek to define our own way in the world. Scandinavians are proud of their military and their regions history of resistance to fascists ambitions, as the Germans discovered and also Russia, as would any other who had aggression in mind. Scotland and Norway’s often forgotten contribution as we know here from our own history was massive in the two world wars, from which we took decades to recover. The Shetland bus, Telemark and the North Atlantic convoys all bear witness to that.

    • admin says:

      Absolutely spot on. Really p*ssed me off some of these remarks. As pointed out elsewhere though they were most likely due to lazy journalism. We’ve got strong ties with the USA and long may that remain so. We more or less built the place after all!


  5. Stevie Mach says:

    Er, penny for the Guy? I’ve always wondered why the UK, especially the English, keep the Guy Fawkes thing going. I suspect if he was alive and kicking today, the explosives would be semtex and the device would be remotely detonated, so most likely he’d be boarding a plane or a ferry escaping the country as he set off the big bang! (er, think of all those extravagant expense claims going up in smoke!)
    I suppose I admire more the take up of the ubiquitous Guy Fawkes masks by the likes of ‘Anonymous’ rather than the cheap Chinese imports of sparklers and noise-makers designed to terrify the nations household pets.
    As for Scottish Labour and Trident, well, what can you say, long may they continue to implode (the party, that is!), and if Lamont prefers to shoot herself in the foot with a Trident Nuclear ICBM rather than the usual everyday revolver round, well, at least we can be sure if she’s off-target (as she usually is), the fall-out will get her!
    As for the Washington Post, you need to remember the US has got so used to the UK Prime Minister asking, ‘How High?’ when they say jump, that they probably regard any independent country that doesn’t follow suit as a possible contender in the next ‘Axis of Evil’ awards ceremony.
    I suspect though, Dave, you are underestimating the job losses if an independent Scotland banishes the nukes. I did hear on the grapevine that Scottish Labour had to buy a bigger calculator with a ten digit display so they could invent a realistic figure.

  6. Arbroath1320 says:

    Talking of fireworks.
    I wonder if we’ll see any tonight on BBC1.

    There is another Big Debate programme getting aired at 22:35 tonight. It is coming from Motherwell Civic Centre. Unfortunately that is all the information they give at the moment.

    I think after a few comments from the BBC recently this show had better have a balanced panel AND audience otherwise I feel there may be more than the occasional complaint being sent in from people across Scotland. :D

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