Slam Salm

Birthday week last week in Cybernat Towers as I was dragged kicking and screaming further into my 6th decade.  What better way to spend it though than on a  Highland Safari?  You should try one sometime – they’re sheer magic.  You go way up into the Perthshire hills in a landrover where you can see some of the most amazing scenery unfold before you.  While up there you’re continually scanning the landscape for even a fleeting glimpse of Scotland’s rarest creatures – red squirrels, golden eagles, Tories…

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I Will Smite Thee, Scotland

George_RobertsonCome on, it’s all getting a bit silly now.  It’s not like the “we cannaes” were ever presenting coherent, well thought out arguments before, but the latest offering from George Robertson?  Barely a day after Talkingoutofhisanas tells us he’ll be unleashing Robertson, Reid, Liddell and Foulkes like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, we get guff like “independence would be cataclysmic.” Continue reading

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What Kind Of Fool Am I?

I live in a semi-detached property at the end of the block.  My next door neighbour’s house is bigger than mine and there’s more people living in it as well, there being only the two of us in here.  We don’t speak much – me and the neighbour that is – although sometimes that can apply to me and my good lady as well.  We don’t actually have all that much in common him and me.  We’ve got different outlooks on life and different opinions on how to set the world to rights.  If I’m honest our relationship has gone steadily downhill over the last few years which is a shame although to be honest we’ve never really been all that close. Continue reading

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Margo 1943 – 2014


When will we see your like again?

Probably never.

So sad that she won’t see what she always wanted to see.  I’ve said on here before that if you could’ve sent Margo round every door in Scotland then a Yes landslide would be the inevitable outcome.  Re-double your efforts, folks.  Prove yourselves worthy of being on the same side.

A Cybernat

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Both Ends of the Spectrum

There was a  flu outbreak in Cybernat Towers last week.  Those late 19th Century Egyptian tomb raiders opened sarcophagi and found healthier looking specimens than me.  ”Death will come on swift wings to those who disturb the sleep of the Pharaohs” said an inscription above one particular vault they came across.  Well the Grim Reaper would have been considered a merciful visitor chez moi.  Never mind making it to the referendum, Saturday lunchtime was looking like it’d be a step too far.  I felt as sick as a Bitter Together activist looking at his canvassing returns. Continue reading

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Silly Season

Have you noticed that when they take the cameras round a Tory conference all you can see are grey heids?  It’s been that way as long as I can remember.  I recall watching one back in ’83 and it was the same.

Where are the folk that are Tories right from the womb and who stay loyal down the decades?  Does it mean that you become more conservative in your outlook on life as you get older?  That’s a bit worrying for someone that’s not long entered his sixth decade (eek!). Continue reading

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Same Old Tory

They tell me that none other than Tory toff David Cameron was up here gracing us with his presence yet again this week at his party’s North British conference.  The Yes campaign must be sitting in the high 80′s by this time. Continue reading

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Drip, drip, drip… sometimes the relentless negativity gets to you.  There’ll be no currency union, your banking industry is too big, you’ve got too much oil, all your major firms have made plans to leave, you won’t get in the Eurovision song contest, etc, etc.

Rather than go off on one in this post I’ve indulged in a wee bit of creativity instead.  We all know that  Scotland has given much to the world from economists like Adam Smith to deep thinkers like David Hume and we’re still churning out such talent today.  Of course these new ones are more looniemaries than luminaries but they do their best to keep us entertained.

carmichael danalex darling




In this wee game you have to match the genius to his/her quotation and you’ll have a minute to complete it.

Just click here to play.

Remember – you’ve also got a neat wee Hangman game to while away a coffee break as well.


A Cybernat

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Standard Response Update

As a wee update to a recent post, I received some communication from Standard Life in response to my concerns that they might be upping and offing in the event of a Yes vote.  Obviously as you get older thoughts about your pension come into your mind more often. Continue reading

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200 Days to Save the NHS

BBC “Scotland” were at it again last week with one of their all-too-frequent attacks on our jewel in the crown aka NHS Scotland.  Their glee in jumping on anything that can be used to criticise and demoralise the efforts of those working to keep us all in the best of health is quite pitiful and somewhat at odds with my own experiences. Continue reading

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