Silly Season Almost Over

beckhamJust when you think they can’t get any dafter the “we cannaes” manage to pull something else out of the hat.

We’ve had scare after scare – the banks are leaving, all the supermarket prices are going up, mobile phone charges will increase, the English will put a 5-mile high net across the border to stop any migratory birds flying south for the winter…

Mind you, even I didn’t think they’d wheel David Beckham out! Continue reading

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Take Courage My Friends

yesThat was a sensational poll at the weekend there.  Can’t believe the BBC and MSM missed it.  Over 99% Yes and yet there they were getting into a lather over the good guys moving into the lead by a simple couple of percentage points. Continue reading

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A View From The South


Well yet another world leader has come out against Scottish independence.  Canadian PM Stephen Harper is the guilty party this time and you have to wonder how his views will go down with the Scottish diaspora, aka voters, back home.  While sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong, Mr Harper acknowledged that it is for voters in Scotland to decide the outcome, but argued that independence would not serve the interests of ordinary people in the UK or greater global interests.  As we’d be a member of the EU and NATO and still import/export goods to/from the rest of the planet it does leave you wondering what calamitous happenings all these “leaders”, who are in no way being influenced by 10 Downing Street, think will occur.  But why worry about that.  By a happy coincidence I’ve received a contribution from one of these “ordinary people in the UK”.  Enjoy this posting from our guest… Continue reading

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Eggstra, Eggstra – Read All About It…

fried_eggSo did anything interesting happen this week?  :)  Why couldn’t Murphy have been called Clegg or something?  Much easier to rhyme “egg” with that in a limerick.  Still, this was a shocking coordinated attack led by the official Yes campaign in an increasingly desperate attempt to undermine the democratic process so it wouldn’t be right to crack any yolks about it.  It’s most unfortunate that Jim’s contribution to the independence debate appears to be well and truly ova. Continue reading

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The Games They Play

mcleishWill he or won’t he?  That seemed to be the big question going round about ex-First Minister Henry McLeish’s voting intentions after a tweet by Blair McDougall late last week.  To be honest I think the real question was: who gives a rat’s arse?  The whole thing sounded like classic Better Togetout tactics – announce something that could be taken as good news for the Yes camp and then when it didn’t happen release the MSM attack dogs with the usual headlines -

“Devastating Setback for Salmond’s Break-Up Plans”  Continue reading

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G’day and Goodbye

RooRoadSignI think I’ve worked out the procedure now:

1. World leader visits London for a meeting with David Cameron.

2. World leader then says, completely unprompted, “Of course the referendum is purely a matter for the people of Scotland and we wouldn’t dream of interfering, but independence would be a bad idea because <insert whatever nonsense Westminster have thought up for them here>.” Continue reading

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Cybernat Abuse (Yet Again)

AngryThe cybernats have been at it again.  What’s wrong with these sad individuals?  200 of the great and the good of British society give up their free time and take it upon themselves to tell us how loved and wanted we are and yet all some of you can do is throw it back in their faces?

Ok so David Starkey previously said we were a “feeble little country”  I say forgive and forget.  Certainly there was no need for what you’re about to read…

Continue reading

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Social media was ablaze this week.  Twitter and Facebook went into meltdown at the very thought of a major player in the referendum debate making a long-awaited appearance on an expectant nation’s TV screens.  Unfortunately…  Continue reading

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Some Pics…

SaltireThe Commonwealth Games are in full swing and the “we cannaes” and “I’m all right jocks” have fairly got their collective drawers in a twist over the spawn of Satan aka “that bastirt samind” maybe making any statements that could be linked to the referendum, however tenuously.  In truth the First Minister has been as good as his word in keeping politics out of the Games unlike the Better Togetout mob with the dual purpose flags they’ve been handing out. Continue reading

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Horror Shows

sadcomputerA bit of a computer disaster put paid to my cybernatting activities for a few days there.  It was nothing to do with an attempted hack of this site last week that I traced to deep in the bowels of the Westminster area in London.  Just a coincidence I’m sure as I doubt if they have the means to zap memory chips from 400 miles away.  Still, I was in esteemed company with the IT issues as I noticed BBC Scotland’s website was experiencing problems over the same period.  That one must’ve been a case of the more sh*te you feed down the pipes, the greater the chance of clogging your system up.  Anyway, given the way the BT mob recycle the scare stories this post should be current enough. Continue reading

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