Barking Mad

cubicleI’m going to charitably put the collective batsh*t craziness we’ve seen from the “we cannaes” this week down to the rapidly approaching full moon of July 12th.

Despite knowing that he’ll have to present a case with more holes in it than a Brazilian defence line, Alistair Darling has finally manned up and agreed to let David Cameron hide behind him while he is dismembered by the First Minister in a live TV slaughtering debate early next month. Continue reading

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Shocking Stuff

bombAnd so it begins, as predicted on here months ago, with the first “bomb threat” being reported by Better Togetout.  Seemingly someone walked into one of their premises and threatened to “firebomb” the place.  ”Aye, right,” says a somewhat sceptical me.  Considering the simple placing of a Yes sticker on an MSP’s office was denounced as “wanton vandalism” with said MSP then being too scared to walk down the street without a disguise, I reckon what really happened is that some local worthy needing a nicotine fix stuck his heid in the door and asked, “Got a light, mate?” Continue reading

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They Think It’s All Over… Well It Never Actually Started

I’ve heard a few folk say that an England World Cup win would’ve been just the boost needed to push the Yes vote into the high 90′s.  Let’s face it though – there was never any danger was there?




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I Spy Foreigners

cameronDavid Cameron probably doesn’t even realise how ridiculous he looks discussing independence with every world leader he can while still frantically trying to avoid debating it with the one that really matters.  I speculated last week on who they’d wheel out next, but I must admit I was a bit surprised that it’d be the Chinese leader’s turn to say that he’d like to see a united United Kingdom under no pressure from his host and giving no thoughts at all to the possibility of things like maybe supplying steel for the new HS2 rail service. Continue reading

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Warning – May Contain Cybernat Abuse

warning3Maybe all pro-indy sites should have such a warning at the top of each page from now on so that those of a delicate disposition aren’t offended/exposed to any inconvenient truths?  I ask since it appears that swatting the cybernats is all the rage again.  You’ve heard of these pathetic individuals – yet again the stereotypical description was trotted out – sad, lonely bedroom, hiding behind a keyboard, into the small hours, etc, etc.  Honestly, I haven’t been that insulted since someone stopped me in the street once and said, “Here, you’re that Pat Lally’s son-in-law ain’t ya?” Continue reading

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Relentless Battery

dumpitOur local residents’ association (chaired by your humble scribe) had some major green waste clearance work carried out this week.  I’ve never advertised anyone’s firm on the site before, any thoughts on the business world usually being confined to “they’ll never get another penny out of me after that” sort of rants.  However, I’m happy to give Dumpit Scotland a ringing endorsement.  Prompt, efficient, friendly service – use them for any kind of clearance work.  And they’re all rock solid Yes voters.  :) Continue reading

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“You Can’t Do It,” Says Some B&Q T*t

painterI’ve heard it all now.  Looks like there’ll be no home DIY, painting and decorating and stuff like that in a separate Scotland now that B&Q has become the latest to take the huff at us.  Come to think of it, that might just be enough to nudge the Yes vote up to the high 80′s as males everywhere see blissful, nagging-free Saturday afternoons in front of the telly beckoning seductively.

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farageThe EU election results must surely be a wake-up call for anyone in Scotland with a political viewpoint anywhere to the left of Attila the Hun.  The very real post-No scenario is now a UK coalition government comprising the Tories and UKIP, aka Tories and Tories Max.  Cameron will campaign and be lauded as “the man who saved the union and who will now put an end to the injustice of one part of our country getting free prescriptions, etc. paid for by the other part.”  Farage will be on TV doing everything but reading out the weather reports and hosting Masterchef.  It’s a done deal, folks.  The wet dream of the right-wing gutter press is about to come into being. Continue reading

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Some Random Pics

A wee go at some creativity… no rantings or ramblings, just some pics.  :)








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Don’t Sleepwalk to Disaster

So the Daily Heil are imploring us.  Oh, ok then.  How about we go forward into a brighter future with our eyes wide open instead?  Sounds a lot more appealing.

RobertthebruceApparently they’re a wee bit worried that the Yes campaigners are going to capitalise on the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn to try and “further rouse nationalist sentiment”.  Imagine.  Who’d even think of using fighting and stuff like that to try and make a persuasive case for their side?  Er… them just a couple of paragraphs later.  Yes we stood against tyranny.  As did the Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians, etc.  Nobody’s seriously suggesting we should all be governed from Canberra though.  And thank goodness for these Russians as well eh? Continue reading

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